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Month November 2020

Transgender Act and Access to Justice for the Transgender Community

Three important developments have taken place in this decade, which has long term relevance for the entire Transgender community in India. Firstly, in 2014, the Supreme Court legally recognized the rights and freedom of transgender people in the National Legal… Continue Reading →

Shadow Pandemic: Domestic Violence During the COVID 19 Lockdown in India

 Gender-based violence has never been a stranger to us in India. It has been best identified with the isolation of the victims, exerting physical, psychological, and at times, financial control over them. As the ongoing pandemic with its lockdown epitomizes… Continue Reading →

Mediation over Litigation for Workplace Disputes

In today’s world mediation is the new treading mechanism of the legal system. Mediation is a branch of Alternative Dispute Resolution also popularly known as ADR. It is an important segment as it helps in reducing the burden on courts… Continue Reading →

Extra Judicial Confession

Extrajudicial Confession is a confession made out of court, and not as a part of a judicial examination or investigation. Such a confession must be corroborated by some other proof of the corpus delicti, or else it is insufficient to… Continue Reading →

Court Fees and Suits Valuation

Meaning and concept – The court fees are dealt under the Court Fees Act, 1870 and it extends to the whole of India and it commenced on the first day of April, 1870. Fees which may be imposed upon a… Continue Reading →

Justice and Artificial Intelligence

India is a land of “Unity in diversity” with an official constitution characterized by the principles of “Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”. As the century is progressing, we are becoming more tech prone, as our all needs are being catered… Continue Reading →

What is a cause of action?

A cause of action, in law, is a set of facts sufficient to justify a right to sue to obtain money, property or the enforcement of a right against another party. It also refers to the legal theory upon which… Continue Reading →

ADR Mechanisms: Ensuring Access To Justice During A Pandemic

Introduction Access to justice is the most basic right for every person. However, during the trying times of a global pandemic, realizing this basic right gets more and more difficult. The Covid-19 pandemic has propelled the legal system to opt… Continue Reading →

Access to Justice through the years: The Three Waves Of Change and ADR

The expression “access to justice” carries a lot of discussion around it and rightly so, as it is a fundamental aspect of a person’s life and his dealings in society. It carries with it the idea that every person must… Continue Reading →

Access to Justice in the Education System in Pandemic

Abstract In March 2020, schools across the country began to close in response to the spread of COVID-19, which quickly developed into a global pandemic. As it became apparent that this would not be a short-term concern, these closures became… Continue Reading →

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