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A Law Professional and an avid reader with a comprehensive understanding of geopolitics, geo-economics and geo-strategic affairs. Has an inquisitive and incisive mind which tends to scrutinize changing political, economic and strategic balances occasioned by contingent events affecting the world from time to time. Fundamentally, a decent orator trying her luck at content writing!

Power of Attorney

“Its not faith in technology, its faith in people.”   As the quote suggests, no matter how advanced the technology may be, there are still some things that can only be settled with notions like faith, trust, and promises. In… Continue Reading →

Doctrine Of Double Jeopardy

Based on the Latin term non bis in idem which directly translates to “not twice against the same [thing]”, the Doctrine of Double Jeopardy is a procedural defences that protects an accused person from being tried for the same or… Continue Reading →


The sale or liquidation of subsidiaries or fixed assets such as the public sector undertakings, enterprises, and projects by the central or the state government is termed as disinvestment. Disinvestments are principally stimulated by the optimization of resources to produce… Continue Reading →

Counterfeit Currency

The denominational numeral in latent, see-through Devanagari script, electrotype watermarks, colour-changing ink, and the orientation and relative positioning of Mahatma Gandhi on a ₹500 currency. I know this and maybe you do too and so does everyone who has ever… Continue Reading →

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