Colours of the Cage: A Prison Memoir by Arun Ferreira

About the Book:

In May 2007, several newspapers around India bore the photo of a man who was being called the leader of the CPI(M) political party. The Maoist party had long been banned, but it held clandestine meetings and operations which were considered damaging to the country as a whole. Arun Ferreira was being called the mastermind behind its propaganda and communications wing. He detained by the court and condemned to prison. However, the nightmare had only begun. In prison, he was tortured and abused constantly. Over the next few years, each of the ten cases slapped against him fell apart: the court couldn t find any proof of its charges. At long last, Arun Ferreira was a free man. Now he reveals the horrors he faced in prison and describes how several others are facing similar situations all around India.

The book by Arun Ferreira is a biography of his during the time of the 1975 emergency. He was one of the political dissenting persons who was jailed and faced some really hard times in the prison. His prose states the gruesome torture that is exerted on the prisoners presenting the loophole in the jail system manual and the legal system which lacks the under the trial system. Arun suffered for his political dissent and his book questions the inadequacy of legal process a must read for Best Lawyers in India. This book is an eye-witness account of life in an Indian prison.

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