Courting Destiny: A Memoir by Shanti Bhushan

Born in 1925, Shanti Bhushanwas witness to the formative years of the Indian republic. Courting Destiny traces the remarkable story of his life—the family’s origins in the town of Bijnorin the United Provinces, the experience of growing up in a joint family in Allahabad, initial encounters with the law when the Constitution of India was being framed, the distinguished career as a lawyer.

These memoirs provide a participant’s account of some of the most interesting and seminal cases that laid the foundations of India’s constitutional history. They include the KeshavSingh case of 1964 which led to the first standoff between the executive and the judiciary; Indira Gandhi’s election case which unseated her as prime minister, leading to the imposition of the Emergency. In short this book covers all the cases necessary for every law individual to be aware with.

Courting Destiny affords us a glimpse of the many fundamental and far-reaching political and constitutional changes that took place in the decades following independence.

Witten by Shanti Bhushan , this book holds his record of criminal cases that shook the pillars of Constitution including the famous Keshvanandan Bharti Case. This book holds the records of almost all the remarkable judgements which helps in grooving the law students.

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