Nani Palkivala: The Courtroom Genius by by Soli J. Sorabjee and Arvind P. Datar 

Nani Palkhivala – The Courtroom Genius is a first hand account about an individual who was brilliant in the academic, economic, and legal arenas.

Nanabhoy A. Palkhivala was born and brought up in Bombay. He was a scholar who was affected by a stammer, a condition which he eventually overcame. After obtaining a Master’s degree in English Literature, he applied for a lecturer’s position at Bombay University, but was rejected.

After entering the bar association in 1944, Nanabhoyquickly earned a reputation for his eloquence, articulation, and the ability to remember barely-known facts. His popularity continued to grow in the courts of Sir Jamshedji Kanga.

In Nani Palkhivala – The Courtroom Genius, readers will get a rare glimpse into Palkhivala’s advocacy style, his legal journey, and how his cases changed the legal domain of India. This book specifically gives the young minds a platform and thought process to grow.

The text book that every law aspirant should go through to understand the how much a great advocate can change the course of judiciary. Nani Palkivala, the big shot of Indian Advocacy had the ability to change the course of any case through his advocacy skills and that’s what every law student should admire and learn.


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