When one person is regarded as citizen of one or more states under the laws of those states, it is known as dual citizenship. It is also known as Dual Nationality. Countries which allow dual citizenship are Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, etc. Some countries like India do not permit dual citizenship. Dual citizenship allows one to hold one or more than one passport.


  • Two passports: dual citizenship allows a person to hold two passports from both countries. Having two passports eliminates the procedure of visa and it also confers right to entry both the countries.
  • A guarantee for future: dual citizenship can be passed on to the next generation which ensures their protection, well-being and better educational opportunities.
  • Security: if one feels his country has any foreign threat, with the help of dual citizenship, he can shift to the other country. It safeguards the person and his family.
  • Education: students can use their dual citizenship for education purposes. One can reap the benefits of cultures of two countries.
  • Investment: dual citizenship opens various business opportunities in different countries and promote international trade at global scale.
  • Visa-free travel: dual citizenship gives freedom to avoid long visa queues and travel hassle free and discover new culture of different country
  • Property ownership: citizen can own property in whichever country he wishes. He can own property in both the countries as well.
  • Benefits and privileges: dual citizens can enjoy benefits and privileges offered by countries and they can also work in either country without any work permit.


  • Dual obligations: under dual citizenship, citizen is obliged to follow the rules and laws of both the countries.
  • Double taxation: dual citizen has to pay taxes for both, states and the country. It is a double burden on the citizens as taxation laws changes from year to year.
  • Complicated process: the process of dual citizenship is a complicated process that can take many years and it is extremely expensive.

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