Sports as an industry though progressed in the 20th century, it has been seen as a medium of a country’s measure or yardstick of prowess. Although not as emotion draining as military operations and espionage may prove to be.

It is often seen that when two teams meet on the field or pitch or court, and if the opposing teams have been bitter rivals for a prolonged period of time, it is expected to throw up controversies as well as arguments and could possibly lead to – at some point or other – accusations of the decision makers on the field, namely the umpires or referees and judges, however neutral they may have been. This is true especially in the case of contact sports like boxing or MMA, etc.

Secondly, as sports is an event that entails the event to be an ad hoc, on the spot exhibition of emotions, it becomes undesirable as well as unadvisable to drag such matters to court and become entangled in arbitration.

Hence, in the case of disputes regarding a sporting event it is highly advisable to have mediation in order to bring not just order to the chaos resulting from the dispute, but also to resolve the case as quickly as possible so that the players can return to what they do best, and that is practising and honing their skills of the particular sports to exact revenge in the domain that they were meant to vent it all out, in the field, on the pitch or in the ring.

One of the essential and pervasive factors, when it comes to sporting disputes is the time factor. Hence, when the dispute is resolved on the spot with the help of mediators, appointed by the courts, it not only preserves the time but also the amicable sporting relations between the feuding parties. An important factor that needs to be noted is that mediators do not normally judge the case nor coerce or force their decision on the parties involved. Hence, the situation can be resolved in peace amongst the members of the sporting community.

However, there are certain aspects even in the sporting domain that cannot – and preferably should not – be mediated. That being the case of doping, which is not only serious and attracts felony charges, but also becomes more of a technically charged topic where there can be no common ground for agreement and subsequently, an amicable solution.

Apart from something as serious as the doping instance discussed in the point above, it can always be ensured that the disputes of a sporting arena be resolved in not just the arena itself but also in as sporting manner as is humanly possible. This does not only result in keeping the level of camaraderie alive but also preserves the level of curiosity amongst the fans of both the teams when they meet for a match the next time.