1. Preclude – prevent from happening; make impossible.
  2. Prejudiced – harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgement.
  3. Prima facie – on the face of it.
  4. Promulgation – to make known by open declaration; publish; proclaim formally or put into operation.
  5. Ratio Legis – according to spirit of law
  6. Rationale – set of reasons.
  7. RE – in the matter of.
  8. Rebuttable – an instance of rebutting evidence or an accusation.
  9. Res judicata – a case or suit already decided.
  10. Res sub judicata – a matter under judicial consideration.
  11. Retrospectively – looking back.
  12. Sardonic – grimly mocking or cynical.
  13. Sceptical – Doubtful.
  14. Scienter – knowledge; an allegation in a pleading that the thing has been done knowingly.
  15. Scuffle – a short, confused fight or struggle at close quarters.
  16. Status quo – the state in which the things are, or were.
  17. Submergence – to cover; bury.
  18. Superannuation – pension paid to a retired employee who has contributed to a superannuation fund.
  19. Supra – above.
  20. Tedious –Too long, slow or dull.
  21. Transgression – An act that goes against a law, or code of conduct; an offence.
  22. Treacherous – Guilty of or involving betrayal.
  23. Unfettered –  not confined or restricted
  24. Vicinity –the area near or surrounding a particular place.
  25. Volkogeist – general awareness of the people.

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