F.I.R. is known as First Information Report which is reported at the police station for a cognizable offence such as rape, murder etc. Under cognizable offence the police can make necessary arrests and detainments even without the order of the court. The procedure for filling an F.I.R. is covered under section 154 of Cr PC (Criminal Procedure Code), 1973. Where to register an F.I.R.? F.I.R. can be registered to the nearest Police Station from the occurrence of crime. Who can file F.I.R.? Victim of a crime or friend/family member of the victim can file F.I.R. in the police station.

F.I.R. can be filed in multiple ways nowadays, online through the internet or app or else by visiting the nearest police station. Through online person easily can register his complaint and without any ease and the long wait to register in person.

The following are the ways how a person can register an F.I.R. online and in person at a police station:

  • In-person filing an F.I.R.

Step 1: Visit the nearest Police Station,

Step 2: you can register a complaint verbally or in writing to the Police Officer on duty detail by yourself.

Step 3: If the complaint submitted verbally then it should be written in General Dairy or Daily Dairy by the duty officer. If the complaint is given in written carry two copies of it one for the office and the other for yourself.

Step 4: The Police Officer will go through the information given by you, then Officer will read the recorded statement you gave to Officer to you to verify.

Step 5: Need to sign the F.I.R. recorded by the Police Officer

Step 6: While signing the report verify the information recorded by Police is as per the details you have given.

Step 7: Free copy of F.I.R. will be given to you with F.I.R. number, date of report and name of the Police Officer who registered the report.


  • Online F.I.R. registration

Step 1: Visit the official site of the State police

Step 2: Select Service and many options will come.

Step 3: Choose the option complaint if you want to file a complaint or F.I.R.

Step 4: File F.I.R./Complaint accordingly

Step 5: After submitting your complaint/F.I.R. you will be received e-F.I.R. in PDF in an email. Take a printout of that report. Filling up personal details and submit the F.I.R.


Before lodging an F.I.R. against anyone, it should be a given with proper details and it shouldn’t be vague that can hurt the other person’s reputation. Once F.I.R. is registered it cannot be taken back or corrected nor it can be ignored. The object of an F.I.R. is merely going to Police Station and registering the complaint to start investigating or to know about the cognizable crimes done in society. There is no proper time period to file an F.I.R., it can be file any time when the victim or family/friends think they are ready to file and F.I.R. against the crime.



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