The BIS Standard Mark (ISI Mark) is a quality mark and also has established its brand image for more than six decades as the consumer is always inclined towards quality products. Therefore, the consumer as well as the organized purchaser prefers ISI Marked products. With the growing popularity of ISI mark, instances of misuse of ISI Mark are also on the rise as the unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to cheat the consumers by use of Standard Mark (ISI Mark) without obtaining the licence from BIS.

BIS carries out enforcement activity to curb the use of Standard Mark or its imitation by unscrupulous traders and manufacturers not holding valid BIS license. Such action also helps consumers from being misled about quality of products that are marked with the BIS Standard Mark. Enforcement raids, which include search and seizure operations are carried out against traders and manufacturers on the basis of intelligence collected regarding misuse of the Standard Mark and where required, prosecution cases are filed in court of law. Whereas ISO Certification is provided to a company and the way it works, the internal working system (in accordance with the International Standards laid out by the ISO), ISI Certification is given out to products also, more commonly known as ISI mark.

  1. Get the product tested from any one of the BIS Recognized Laboratories as per their approved scope (listed at BIS website ( ). All critical components shall be declared by the manufacturing unit and evidence of conformity (test report) of each component shall be submitted to lab, if applicable.
  2. The Test Report shall be issued by the BIS Recognized Laboratory only in the name of the manufacturer (applicant) who is actually manufacturing the product. The Test Report(s) shall mention the name of the manufacturing unit and complete address (Factory).
  3. Before submitting the application for registration in BIS, it should by ensure by the manufacturing unit that the Test Report is duly evaluated and complete in all respects.
  4. Download the application (Form No. VI & VII) from BIS website (
  5. Application in Form No.VI & Form No.VII should be completely filled-up and duly signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the manufacturing Unit (applicant) producing goods.
  6. Submit the following to BIS for Registration :

(a) Form No.VI & Form No.VII, duly filled-up and signed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the manufacturing unit or authorized representative (not Indian Representative). The manufacturing unit shall also submit the authorization letter in this regard. No column of application should be left blank.

(b) Along with the application, submit the document, issued by Govt. Authorities authenticating the manufacturing unit’s name & complete address. The name and complete address of the manufacturing unit shall be available in the document.

(c) In case of foreign manufacturer, Form No.VI & Form No.VII shall be countered signed by Indian Representative/Authorized Representative of Branch / Liaison Office (if established in India). Nomination form of Indian representative for foreign manufacturer signed by CEO/ Authorized Representative in prescribed format (refer BIS website ) shall also be submitted.

(d) Test Report(s) issued by BIS recognized Laboratory (issued in the name and address of the manufacturing unit), after evaluation by the manufacturing unit. Test reports shall not be older than 90 days of issue date by lab.

(e) Agreement for grant of registration as per prescribed format for foreign manufacturer(refer BIS website ) to be submitted after grant of registration and to be signed by Indian representative/authorized representative of branch and liaison office.

(f) Letter from the manufacturing unit forwarding the application.

After all this, you are free to use ISI Mark and give an overall satisfaction to the consumers and as well as other partners or workers. ISI Mark gives a sense of reliability and trust to other consumers and hence is considered very important especially when one wishes to comply all the legalities while setting up a business.