Md Ibrahim aka Aryan Arya, converted to Hinduism to marry a 23-year-old Jain girl from Raipur. He has  now sought help from the Supreme Court alleging that a Hindu Right-wing group and the girl’s parents have forcibly separated them.

Ibrahim told the Court that the girl was taken away from him by her parents against her will even after he converted to Hinduism. He requested the Apex Court to produce her before the Court and ask about her free will. The SC has ordered the SP of Dhamtari, Chattisgarh, to produce the girl on August 27, 2018, before the Court. The Court has also warned the petitioner that if the girl does not express her will to stay with him, the petition shall be immediately disposed of.

The couple got married after the Muslim boy had converted to Hinduism, in the Arya Samaj Temple, Raipur as per the Hindu rites and customs. They also registered their marriage in the Raipur Municipal Corporation later. The girl kept the marriage as a secret from her family and moved to her husband’s house suspecting that her parents would not agree to their marriage.

The petitioner claims that due to the girl’s father’s influential background, she was taken back to her parent’s home. A false statement was recorded that it was within her will to move back to her parental house.

Earlier in this case, when the Chattisgarh High Court had ordered the production of the girl, she had admitted in the courtroom that she had married the man with her free will and wanted to live with him. However, the mother of the girl had created a scene in the courtroom by threatening to commit suicide and kill the girl, after which the HC was forced to order the girl to stay at her parent’s house despite her own free will to move in with her husband.