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Abortion Laws in Texas

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The right of women related to their reproductive decision.

The right of women related to their reproductive decision had always been questioned in America due to the beliefs they have. Shouldn’t it be the choice of a woman to decide whether she has to give birth to the child of her or not?

It is essential to explore further what Senate Bill 8 is and how it operates before continuing the examination of the main concerns surrounding the Texas Abortion Law. Abortion will be prohibited as of September 1, 2021, at the approximate 6-week mark when a fetus' heartbeat may be heard. The Texas Heartbeat Act, also known as Senate Bill 8, was passed and is responsible for this. With no exceptions for victims of rape, domestic violence, or incest, the Act forbids abortion after the heartbeat can be felt. The lone exception that would permit a woman to have an abortion after her heartbeat has been detected is an urgent medical matter. Although there is agreement that it gives the authorities the authority to outlaw abortion de facto, without running any of the risks associated with de jure, there is additional disagreement about the law's status.

After the Supreme Court opted not to block it, the Texas Abortion Law only recently went into effect. Since abortions were previously permitted beyond 6 weeks, and even up to 20 weeks, September 1 has become a significant date in the history of women's rights, abortion policy, and reproductive health. The passage of the Bill and the implementation of the law only continued an established trend in restrictive abortion legislation seen in neighboring.

Since time immemorial women have been criticized for every act she wants to do, it does not change a little bit even when we have stepped into the 21st century. We are witnessing these kinds of unconstitutional things in a country like America. The main thing that should have been involved while making this law was that giving birth is not the only essential thing, the important thing is to upbringing the child in order to give a better contribution to society. If a woman wants to abort her child of course there will be some reason or else, how could she do that? She knows that it is not the right time to bring another life into the world. In cases like a man has abandoned the woman after making her pregnant, if that woman does not have any income source how she can even feed herself and the kid when it comes into the world? It is even worse when it comes to rape victims in certain cases women do not even know the father of the child and this law makes it mandatory to keep that child, these kinds of laws do not exhibit democracy but the monarchial kind of government which are not in the favor of citizens but against their fundamental rights.

In conclusion, the Texas Abortion Ban is unconstitutional as it directly infringes upon the right to personal autonomy each American citizen should have. And also, this is an infringement of rights of the world.


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