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Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Hacker hacking into someone's device for information
Cyberbullying by Hackers

For bullying to stop, it needs to be identified, and reporting it is key. In recent years the use of the internet has spread to a greater extent, along with its positive aspects of it we come to see things like cyberbullying which is affecting people in a very defective way is Leading to a decrease in confidence, an increasing amount of self-conscious and self-doubt and in the course of validation from the society it is misleading the youngsters they are ready to anything so that they could get social validation if not they don’t think even a second to attempt suicide.

Cyberbullying is a kind of bullying done by using digital technologies like social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms, and mobile phones. For any crime to consider a crime the main essentials required are actus rea and mens rea, in that aspect, cyberbullying constitutes both the essentials and is considered a heinous crime.

When compared to the 2,225 cases recorded prior to the COVID outbreak in 2019, the number of cybercrime cases in 2022 increased by 112 percent. According to the report, out of the 12,261 registered cases, 1,292 cases were solved for detection between 2019 and 2022, including 346 in 2022. Even it is affecting people mentally, emotionally, and physically the mere action is nothing. There is no provision that deals only with cyberbullying, the 67 section of the IT Act merely deals with it. The act prescribes punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form for five years and also with a fine which may extend up to Rs. 10 Lac. The best example for this topic is a web series named ‘CRIMINAL JUSTICE’ in which the revenge was taken by a father of a dead daughter who committed suicide because of cyberbullying by a superstar.

People are focusing less on gaining knowledge over being popular on social media. Because of things occurring like this, the internet is putting an end to many people’s life. If we do not aware people of this right now the consequences are going to be very bad which we cannot even imagine further, to get away with the fear caused by cyberbullying every school and college should take the initiative in removing this evil. Counselors should be hired in educational departments to give counseling to students who have been bullied through the Internet so that it can remove the fear from them. And it is very important to make them believe that the life on internet is not real and being the own version of ourselves is very significant which most people don’t understand.

At this time there is much requirement to enact more laws related to cyberbullying and have strict punishments and ask to login to the social platforms with the registered IDs so that tracking the criminal should become much easier. If this could be done people with fake accounts and multiple fake accounts will be filtered and the chance of cyberbullying with fake accounts can be stopped. When we start spreading awareness from the school level the crooked thoughts can be prevented by educating them about the consequences and when it happens also people will be aware to take the right action, like where to go. Whom to talk with? To whom it should be complained? Etc.


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